A New Centurion

FW Murphy introduced its first Centurion (C3) product in 2004. Since then, the company has continued to invest in the Centurion control and monitoring system, updating to the Centurion C4 and the Centurion Plus in 2009. These platform products have become the standard for many fleet operators and packagers. This month, FW Murphy has unveiled the latest addition to its Centurion platform, the Centurion C5.

“The Centurion C5 is an evolutionary step in the Centurion family,” said Rick Harris, director, product management, at FW Murphy. “The Centurion C5 is a natural gas compressor application controller. We offer the Centurion platform in multiple ways. The first, and most popular, is our Centurion configurable controller. This is the standard device with intuitive PC software to configure the functions of the controller. No programming experience is required to set up and use this version.

“Some applications require more elegant solutions that cannot be handled with simple configuration options. This requires a custom programming and a customer-specific sequence of operations programmed into the controller by FW Murphy. For these applications, we offer the Centurion PLUS. In the past, the Centurion C4 and Centurion PLUS were different products. The Centurion C5 will make it possible to use the same hardware for both application models, reducing service parts inventory.”

FW Murphy will continue to offer the Centurion C4 and Centurion PLUS. “The Centurion C5 is not replacing either one of our existing Centurion products,” said Harris. “We continually analyze technology and look for opportunities to incorporate advancements into our products and for our customers business. For customers who want to write their own applications on the Centurion, we now offer that option.”

FW Murphy has partnered with Rockwell Automation to allow the Centurion (C5) to be used in RSLogix ladder programming software. The C5 features DLR (device level ring) integrity on its Ethernet ports, which allows it to be part of a Rockwell Automation network of devices.

Date On - May 10, 2018