Air and Oil filters

It is imperative for the compressors to be mounted with air filters to get rid of the impurities of the environment. The pollutants need to be controlled at the air inlet which will further help in increase of the service life as well act as a trouble-free solution. To prevent corrosion of the valves, pipelines, instruments and subsequent equipment of the compressors the air and the oil filter is a necessity. ‘ORIENTAL’ provides high quality air filter which is capable of removing 97% of the pollutants which ranges in size from 1 Micron or larger. Air Filters offered by ‘ORIENTAL’ have high efficiency and cause minimum drop in pressure. Both Intake Air Filter and Compressed Air Treatment Filters for various capacities are available from the house of ORIENTAL.

Oil filters of a particular screw compressor prevent solid particles from damaging the rotors and bearings. The filter specifically prevents the compressor being damaged by an insufficient supply of oil. ‘ORIENTAL’ has achieved the niche in developing oil filter with drain and pressure relief valves. The oil filters are interchangeable and provides shield for the variable equipments of the compressor.