Global Compressor Opens Houston Service Repair Center

Global Compressor LP, a provider of compression parts and service, has opened a service repair center in Houston, USA. The new facility has an inventory of more than 28,000 compressor parts and is equipped to inspect and evaluate all compressor components to offer new, machine-repaired, and exchange units. The center is capable of refurbishing, manufacturing, and shipping parts to customers the same day. The repair center has been equipped to recondition valves, packing cases, clip and bore connecting rods, rebuild oil pumps, assemble torque pistons, widen piston ring grooves, assemble and hydro test cylinders, hone cylinder bores, and rebuild unloaders.

“Our goal is to help our clients minimize downtime in times of equipment failure, so maintaining an effective customer response is critical,” said Sarah Jackson, partner at Global Compressor. “Our ability to inspect and evaluate any compressor part to determine the proper procedures to meet the OEM specifications is vital. Our Houston service repair center supports our aim of delivering viable, creative solutions for equipment repair, enabling us to offer pick-up and delivery services as well as coordinating projects based on our customers’ schedules.”

With more than 25 years of experience in gas compression, Global Compressor offers 24/7 replacement parts and service for most major brands of natural gas compressors. Global Compressor can ship critical orders to any domestic location within the same day. Expedited delivery is offered for export customers.

Date On - May 15, 2018